Emerald Lake was purchased by Ron Lyles and Buzz and Rae Rogers in 1998. It was a ”borrow pit” from the construction of I-20. The original lake was only 3 feet deep. It was drained and dug to a depth of eight feet, extended 400 feet on the south end, and a one-acre “dog leg” was dug on the north end.

The lake is spring-fed and has a greenish color. Hence, the name Emerald Lake.

The slalom course was surveyed in when the lake bed was still dry. The west side of the lake is planted in “football field” Bermuda grass.

The site boasts a Bemman jump, as well as campground-grade power poles which accommodate up to 20 campers. There is a volleyball pit, trampoline, and shuffleboard court for non-skiing recreation. The site is friendly for swimmers, and has a roped-off and gentle sloped area for small children. There is limited shade so umbrellas and canopies are encouraged.

Emerald Lake is 10 miles west of the junction of I-95 and I-20 in Florence, SC. There are 40+ hotels at the three closest interchanges to the I-95 / I-20 intersection.

emerald lake aerial


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